robstolk is an Amsterdam-based printing company that serves the most respected individuals and companies within the graphic industry in the Netherlands and abroad. With great love, our team creates beautiful and creative printed matter, from packaging to books, business cards to leaflets. Clients include artists, photographers, business to business, museums, publishers and designers.

When we, Jacqueline van As and Tanneke Janssen, took over the printing house in 2003, robstolk was already known for its high quality and beautiful printing, a tradition we keep. While we understand that cheap bulk production is often resorted to and sometimes even needed, we are committed to making special productions – not run of the mill objects, but excellent ones. We want to be proud of what we make.

With us, there is a lot of leeway and room to be creative. If we get a question we can't answer, we explore the possibilities – like printing on black paper, for instance. We can do that, but can we make something beautiful from it? Then the search begins: try, test, and try again. Eventually we make it work and looking back, we created something original.

You can't always see or explain quality, but you can feel it. This is true of printed matter: you just know whether it works, or not, and that differs from the technical execution. To know that the result as a whole is good, and that you are proud of it, that is what matters to us.

The above text is based on an interview by Annemieke Mintjes.